Grant Programs

The Arkansas Historic Preservation Program (AHPP), an agency of the Department of Arkansas Heritage, administers or assists grant programs that seek to preserve the state's historic resources while broadening our appreciation of Arkansas history and historic preservation. The programs, financed through proceeds of the state Real Estate Transfer Tax, and/or federal funds received from the National Park Service, Department of the Interior, provide assistance to governments, organizations and individuals seeking to preserve historic Arkansas for future generations to learn from and enjoy. Certified Local Government, Historic Preservation Restoration and County Courthouse Restoration Subgrants Grants have been distributed across the state. To see the distribution download the PDF's below. 

NOTE: Anyone who is interested in applying for a County Courthouse Restoration Subgrant or Historic Preservation Restoration Grant is strongly urged to complete a Letter of Intent form. By filling out a Letter of Intent, potential applicants can work with the AHPP staff in developing their restoration projects. Letters of Intent can be filed at any time during the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Poor planning is even more expensive. AHPP strongly encourages all applicants to have a licensed architect review the property and provide written recommendations for which priorities need to be addressed first. This gives the applicant and his/her general contractor a rough roadmap to follow as they apply for funds.

No. Due to the sheer number of historic buildings in Arkansas, as well as the limits on AHPP's grant funds, we are unable to make grants for preservation/restoration directly to private owners of National Register properties. Owners of National Register-listed or eligible commercial property, including commercial residential properties, are eligible for the Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credit.

AHPP does offer grants of up to $10,000 to private property owners through Option I of the Historic Preservation Restoration Grant. These funds can only be used to fund modifications to properties on the Arkansas Register or listed as non-contributing in a National Register district, and the project must result in the properties' becoming eligible for the National Register.

AHPP funds the creation of master plans in both the Courthouse Grant Program and the Historic Preservation Restoration Grant Program. Funds can be used to hire a licensed architect to do a comprehensive assessment of the building's structure and needs, and the resulting written plan can be used to justify future grant proposals to AHPP.

$10,000 is the maximum amount for Historic Preservation Restoration Option 1 grant and the minimum for Option 2. There is no established maximum for Option 2 grants although the average grant amount is about $25,000 and rarely exceeds $80,000. Both options require the applicant to provide 2:1 cash match, so a $10,000 grant requires a $5,000 match. The Courthouse Restoration grants, which are limited to operational National Register listed county courthouses and annexes, has no minimum or maximum.

AHPP Grant Distribution ForMs 

Certified Local Government and Historic Preservation Restoration Grants Distribution Certified Local Government and Historic Preservation Restoration Grants Distribution (554 KB)

Courthouse Grants Distribution Courthouse Grants Distribution (497 KB)


For additional information on AHPP grant programs, please contact us.